Some Personal News: Visas And Startups

Editor’s Note: Some Personal News is a mini podcast series where hosts Natasha Mascarenhas and Sophia Kunthara share notes from their reporter’s notebooks, explain what the week’s headlines mean to them, and laugh a little bit, too. Listen to Episode 1 on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

We’re back this week with a new episode of Some Personal News. This week, Sophia Kunthara asks Natasha Mascarenhas to unpack the story behind Mascarenhas’ latest: How A Government Request Is Denying Startups’ Access To Immigrant Talent.

In this episode, Natasha chats about how immigration issues can impact the Valley’s workforce, the way we think about sourcing these stories, and what it’s like to get emotional with a source.

As always, we want this podcast to serve you all. Tell us if there are any Crunchbase News stories you want to learn more about, what headlines we can better explain or how we can shine a brighter light on our reporting process.


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