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So You Want To Invest In Tandem?

My question is simple: which Tandem do you want to invest in? There are a few companies named Tandem, it turns out. Startup names can get confusing!

Are you hoping to invest in London’s Tandem? Berlin’s Tandem? The Tandem currently taking up space in Hades? Oh, you mean the Texas-based Tandem, don’t you? No? Florida’s Tandem? The San Francisco-based Tandem?

That’s the one? The company that’s doing friendship social stuff? That was once located here on the Internet?

Oh not that San Francisco-based Tandem? I see.

I’m not giving up! We’ll find your Tandem after all! Does the Tandem you want to invest in help people run their office? Does it work with social media types to do branding work? Is the Tandem of your dreams long-distance ride-sharing?

Ah, well is it the Tandem that helps you learn foreign languages? Is your Tandem in banking?

Wait! Is it Tandem Capital, that group cutting checks? No? Darn.

Oh it’s the other Tandem in San Francisco. I see. This one.

Well how was I supposed to know?

Illustration: Li-Anne Dias.

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