Happy First Birthday, Crunchbase News

We made it.

Today is the first birthday of Crunchbase News covering the intersection of money and tech. I’m pretty damn happy that we’re still here.

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Looking back, big ups to Jason for shipping our first piece last March 13th, focusing on the pace of unicorn acquisitions. I wrote our second entry (digging into the size of the Intel-Mobileye deal), and Joanna kicked out out our third piece looking at famous musicians investing (or not) in startups. Not a bad way to start.

We’ve written hundreds of pieces, broke some news, picked up a little Techmeme love, enjoyed some Reddit-driven sugar highs, helped launched a podcast or two, and worked with some of our favorite publications.

It’s been a good, hard, learning, and rewarding year.

I won’t go on much, but I did want to extend an enormous thanks to the Crunchbase News team (Holden, Joanna, Jason, Mary Ann, and Savannah) for being amazing and amazingly patient with me day in and day out.

Also a big hug to Crunchbase for letting us build our project, with support from a host of people: Jager for giving us complete freedom, Li-Anne for drawing us endless art and helping redesign our newsletters, Gianni for helping us keep the analytics in order, Gene for helping dig into women in VC, Emma for helping with the guts of our email systems, Shamus for always caring how we’re doing, and about a dozen other people who have helped us out. It’s meant an awful lot.

But it’s just a birthday. So back to work.

Thank you for reading.

Top Image Credit: Li-Anne Dias