An Inside Look At We’s Very Corporate Town Square

We, also known as WeWork, has a sky-high valuation the financial press struggles to justify and a founder who questions eating meat more than the close relationship his main investor shares with Saudi Arabia. Regardless, We is the default home for entrepreneurs, scrappy startup teams, and hosts of freelancers in need of plugs and desks.

But We wants more. It aspires to be its members’ distribution partner as well.

“Made By We,” announced on January 22, 2019 and located on 902 Broadway in New York City, aims to be “a new town square.” According to our anonymous shopper, it appears that We-member products are primarily sold, validating the company’s press announcement.

Want to know what it looks like? We did, and thanks to a friend in the area who has asked not to have their name shared, Crunchbase News has a pile pictures of what the new “town square” looks like:

According to our anonymous photographer, what they would have bought had already been ordered from Amazon. It was also reported that there was coffee, but it was not served by a robot, which I personally think is unfortunate.

I also have to say that, usually, a town square isn’t so easy to confuse with a corporate shop. In most cities, such an area plays host to community functions, protests, as well as a spot to grab a bite to eat; I doubt We is as receptive to at least some of those activities. That said, it could work out as a cool perk for We members. I just hope SoftBank isn’t banking its returns on tech accessories and clothing. Even their community-adjusted margins are probably not that great.

Images courtesy of an anonymous friend of the publication. 

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