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Accounting Startups Continue To Tally Up Funding

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A few months ago, we wrote about an uptick in accounting-related startup investment, much of it driven by AI-enabled applications.

As it turns out, that investment theme continues to resonate, with more large financings in the past few weeks.

Most recently, Ageras, a Copenhagen-based accounting platform provider, picked up $88 million Tuesday in a growth round led by Investcorp.

A couple of weeks earlier, FloQast, a provider of accounting workflow automation tools, announced a $100 million Series E financing led by Iconiq Growth. Another $100 million round, for audit automation provider DataSnipper and led by Index Ventures, closed a few weeks prior to that.

Overall, more than $450 million in venture funding this year alone has gone to companies in accounting-related categories in the Crunchbase dataset. For a sense of where the most has gone in recent quarters, we curated a list of funded companies that last raised in 2023 or 2024.

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